Automated open-source software donations

Dollar is a package manager that allows you to donate a fixed $ monthly amount and the donation gets evenly distributed amongst participating package authors for packages you have actually installed.

How does it work?

Dollar Package Manager works by tracking the packages you install and use in your projects (via npm) and uses that information to evenly distribute your donation amount to the relevant package authors.

To use dpm (Dollar Package Manager), first install it:

npm install -g dollarpm

Next, use dpm instead of npm whenever you want to track which pacakges you want your donation to go towards:

dpm install // Track all packages in package.json
dpm install vue // Track individual packages

You could even alias dpm as npm so you don't forget to track your package installations.

How are donations distributed?

To illustrate how your donations are distributed, let's look at an example based on a $10/month donation.

1. Our payment processor charges 2.9% + 30c *. We take 1% for the development and maintenance of dpm. Total = $0.69
2. The remaining $9.31 is split based on how many package installs have occurred in that month.

For example, say you have installed the following packages over the course of the month:

vue x3react x2lodash x5
The payouts to these package authors for that month will be:

vue $2.79react $1.86lodash $4.66

If a package author hasn't registered with us, the installs for that package won't be counted. The donation will be distributed evenly across participating package authors only.

* Fees may vary depending on your location.

How do package authors get paid?

Simply sign up at our app, connect your payout bank account and we'll start paying you every month. That's it!

How much can I donate?

How much you donate each month is entirely up to you and can be changed at any time.

Is dmp free?

Our aim is to try and help make open-source software projects become sustainable. With sustainability in mind, we keep 1% of all donations to help cover the development and maintenance costs of Dollar Package Manager.

What happens if I haven't installed any packages this month?

Haven't installed any packages this month (or no installs for participating packages)? Your donation will be held in your account and added to the balance of next months donation.

Why monthly donations?

To help package authors make their open-source projects sustainable, it helps to have predictable levels of regular income, as opposed to sporadic, larger, one-off donations.

Interested in participating?

Dollar Package Manager is in its infancy right now, but if you'd be interested to be one of the first people to use dpm, or just want to keep up with news and developments, then pop your email in the form below to get notified.

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